NSHipster, Second Edition: Obscure Topics in Cocoa & Swift

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NSHipster, Second Edition: Obscure Topics in Cocoa & Swift

1 rating
To be an NSHipster is to care deeply about the craft of writing code.

Though Swift is a new language, it enters an ecosystem rich with history and depth. An exploration of Swift's place in the world of Objective-C and Cocoa yields a deeper understanding and appreciation of that context.  From that foundation, one can cultivate a sense of how best to create apps that delight and inspire users in the years to come.

Revised and extended to focus on using Swift in iOS and OS X development, NSHipster: Obscure Topics in Cocoa & Swift is an essential updated guide. For those discovering the platform, the new edition will expose and explain Cocoa's rich underlying frameworks. Likewise, experienced developers making the leap from Objective-C will find familiar approaches rendered in clear, thoughtful examples that demonstrate the benefits of working in Swift.

This book was released in 2015 and written for Swift 1.2.

This digital package includes the book in PDF and ePub formats as well as a suite of carefully crafted Xcode Playgrounds. With each chapter as its own Playground, the reader will gain a deeper understanding of the material through hands-on experimentation.

Topics Covered

  • Swift
  • Objective-C Interoperability
  • Foundation & Core Foundation
  • System Frameworks
  • Localization, Internationalization, & Accessibility
  • API Design
  • Community

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